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  • LW & T are a highly respected and thriving company - are in many sectors of industry including Motor Sport- Formula 1, the Oil and Gas Industry, the Defence Services and many other sectors of industry and commerce
  • Additional Processes Managed - grinding, heat treatment, plating, painting and more
  • Fully Computerised Production Control System- all our work is scheduled for time sentive productions
  • 24 Hour working - this gives us the flexibility to meet sudden and critical demands from our customers
  • Individual Account Managment - ensures that all avenues of vital communication are always open
  • ISO 9001 Certified to UKAS Standard.
  • EdgeCam software - 3 seats of advanced production, we can work from all industry standard computer drafting.
  • Open Mind Software - 1 seat
  • Full traceabilty - from enquiry through to completion.
  • Proven industry record - a testimony to our standards, our customers stay with us and involve us in the design of new componants.
  • Prototypes - we can work from your prototypes and even create full working drawings for production.